Our botrytis-based wines can be kept for a long, long time. They will improve in the bottle, they will evolve, their aromas will change. But the big advantage of these sweet wines (sweet szamorodni and Aszù) and dry wines (dry szamorodni) is that they can be drunk as soon as they come out of our cellars. Very different from the great red wines, which must always be kept for years as their tannins are powerful.


By the way, we never know when we can drink red wines and you often need professionals to help you to know when is the best time to open the bottle (they vary from one appellation to another). It’s exciting, but full of risks ! Because opening a bottle too early or too late can bring you to a big disappointment.

For Tokaj wines, no risk ! The wine is always ready ! The more you wait, the more you will catch different aromas, the fruit disapears and encaustic notes comes into the game. But the experience is always unique. Place nine bottles in the cellar, drink one every six months, and take notes !

The perfect cellar
Tufa or chalk cave, at a perfect temperature protected from light and noise, without smell: this is the ideal cellar, the one that transforms the smallest wine into wonder (yes, we have tested!). If you put some great wines in it, you’ll have tremendous results !

If you are not lucky enough to have access to such a place, get as close as possible to these criterias:
– Good temperature. A place where temperature does not fluctuate too much, the closest to 12 °C. If you have no choice but a kitchen, avoid heating, oven, any source of heat. The wine will be “killed” in a short time. A room at 15 °C without to much fluctuation is a better idea.
– Good humidity. If the room is dry, the cork may dry out. Ideally, the cellar should be very humid. A cave can hold up to 95% moisture and our bottles love it. But there’s a bad point : labels and boxes barely support humidity…
– Darkness. Zero light ! In the dark: that’s how our wines like to stay. Botrytised wine bottles are made of transparent glass and the light can kill the wines in giving them defaults : diminished aromas, premature aging of the wine.
– No smell. Odors go through the cork, try to avoid them, like onions and paint !

Of course, special appartment cellars is a good solution, our wines will love it !



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