Tokaj Magic « Tokaj is a unique region able to give new emotions even to the best connoisseurs. » (Read more…)
Tokaji aszú
Samuel Tinon
Samuel Tinon In 1991, Samuel was the first French man to settle in Tokaj, just after the political changes and prior to the start of the privatization of the vineyards. After working for different companies during the 1990’s, he started his own production in 2000. His first wine was launched in 2005. (Read more…)

Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2018

Saturday 21rst April 2018 at 15:30, in Tokaj and London (67 Pall Mall)

Samuel Tinon Tokaji Aszú, Tokaji Szamorodni Sec, Tokaji Szamorodni Doux

We present two wines this year.

A Tokaji Aszú 2013, beautiful vintage that deserves a great ambassador. A wine of exception to honor at the best occasions but not only… Coming back from the opera, in the middle of the diner with duck confit, at midnight…
« Bottled in june 2017. The first nose evokes the fresh nut. With the air, there’s a strong feeling of richeness. This results in the scent of tarte tatin, which signs all the wines of the estate, followed by a pleasant note of infusion. In the mouth, the volume is imposing, the tannic perception is confirmed. Like the Disznókő Aszú ot the same year, this wine leaves in the background the acidity that is so decisive for the balance of a great tokaj. A beautiful wine that has to be tasted again in four or five years, not before. » (Roberto Petronio, La RVF n°619, mars 2018)

A Dry Szamorodni 2011, an amazing wine under flore. A very impressive nose of nuts and bread. A salty wine with round and thin tannins. A very good friend to comté cheese and chicken either grilled or with creamy sauce and mushrooms.

The auction is opened to everyone, amateurs and professionals. 12 bottles minimum. For more information, please call Samuel Tinon or send an e-mail to


botrytis free
Botrytis Free For a passionate winemaker, the geological complexity of Tokaj is a very interesting matter. These Dry Furmint are ment to be photographies of Tokaj’s different “dűlő”. (Read more…)
With Botrytis Thanks to the magic botrytis, Tokaj offers exceptional aging wines. Not less than two years in Hungarian Oak barrels are necessary to give to our wines their complexity. (Read more…)
With Botrytis

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